Minimal UI Go Nova Apex Theme v2.1 APK

Please hold off on icon requests at the moment. The theme currently contains 240+ icons but I'll be constantly updating to get back to the 600s. Once I'm there you can start emailing in your requests.

Recommended icon sizes:

Go Launcher: Default Size (small)
Apex Launcher: 100% or 105%
Nova Launcher (Prime): 100% or 105%This is NOT a standalone app, you need a launcher such as Go, Apex, Nova, etc that allow custom themes.


Install Go Launcher, Apex, or Nova (all free in the Play Store) ;-)
Install this theme
Find Minimal UI in any of the launcher's theme settings, then apply. ;-)
Added 33 icons. Check out for the list!
Added 3 new wallpapers.
Check out my <b>Click UI</b> icons! ;-)

Screenshots : Let's look!!