I, Gladiator v1.2 [Mod Money] APK + SD DATA

This is not a simple hack & slash game. To prevail you would need to be cunning as well as strong, work out a strategy for every level, use environment to your advantage, notice and utilize enemy’s weaknesses and last, but not the least, win that spoiled crowd.

FREE MOVEMENT 3D COMBAT with intuitive control system allowing for different manuvers and combos;
FIGHT MULTIPLE DIFFERENT ENEMIES AT ONCE, each with unique combat style. A real gladiatorial arena mayhem!;
HUGE INVENTORY OF VARIOUS WEAPONS AND ARMOR at your arsenal. You may even pick up or rent a new one at the arena’s workshop and re-arm yourself during the battle;
HUNGRY VICIOUS LIONS to spoil your day!;
VARIOUS ARENA TRAPS to avoid and put to your advantage;
DISMEMBER your enemies if you master special strikes!;
NON-REPETITIVE STORYLINE professionally voiced in Latin;
STUNNING CARTOONISH GRAPHICS that make you believe you are holding a console in your hands;
Required Android O/S : 2.3+
Screenshots :

Heroes of Loot v1.1.0 APK

From the guys behind Gunslugs and Meganoid comes a brand new adventure: Heroes of Loot is a dungeon-game like no other. Every time you play the dungeon will be different, every time you become better, the dungeon will also grow and become more dangerous.. this game will never end!
unless you die of course..
Unlimited amount of randomly generated dungeons
Random quests to reward you with extra loot, items, experience, and more
Four classes to choose from: Elf, Warrior, Wizard and Valkyrie
Secret area’s
Special mysterious dungeon items
A large collection of loot and items to acquire and aid you in your quest
Always changing gameplay

if you run into problems or the game wont work on your device, instead of just rating 1 star, you could help us fix it by providing feedback!

keywords – retro 2D dungeon crawling rogue game golden axe nethack RPG roguelike rogue adventure casual game roleplay
Xperia PLAY Optimized
MOGA controller supported
Green Throttle controller supported (2 player coop mode available!)
NVidia Shield supported
+Google Play Game services
Required Android O/S : 2.1+
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Help Me Fly v0.98 APK

• Arrange and rotate the pieces on the board so they connect Joe’s plane to the battery
• Beautiful, clean graphics
• Exciting new gameplay elements are added as you progress through the levels – energy beams, wireless power transmitters and more
• Find a path that powers up all the stars for an extra challenge!

Help Me Fly is a simple yet challenging game that’s going to keep you busy for hours, scratching your head and smiling.
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

BlitzWars v1.0.1 APK

BlitzWars is a modern warfare strategy game, not much unlike known turn based board games – only with way better animations and bigger explosions.

You’ll be playing against 2-7 computer opponents on countless maps from small to extremely huge. Starting with 2 or 3 Territories and a few units, your goal is to expand and conquer every other territory. Just until you are the only one left!
countless maps
every battle unique
up to 7 enemies
detailed graphics and animations
intelligent opponents (from easy to invincible)
no ads
no in-game billing
no hidden costs
no collection of your private data
only tanks, soldiers and big explosions

From small skirmishes to epic battles – this game is suitable for every occasion.
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

Brave Bit v1.0 APK

You simply need to navigate through the platforms, collect the Orbs one at a time in order to open up the Portal and advance through the levels whilst dodging the various hazardous objects which include Saws, Stompers, Cannons, Falling Spikes, Electric Fences, Machine Guns, Position Sensing Rockets, Spikes, Gears and Much More!!!

- 30 Mind Challenging Levels!!!
Required Android O/S : 1.6+

Screenshots :

Dracula 1: Resurrection v1.0.0 (FULL) APK + SD DATA

London 1904. Seven years after defeating and destroying Dracula, Jonathan Harker discovers that his wife Mina has fled London for the count’s castle in Transylvania. What if Mina falls back into the hands of evil? What if Dracula’s still alive? Try to keep cool . . . and keep your blood too! Your fight against Dracula has begun. It will be peppered with hints and dangerous riddles.

This Point&Click adventure uses 360° vision.
Bram Stoker’s terrifying world is faithfully brought to life.
The game is not a copycat portage of the PC version but an adaptation for touch screens and mobile platforms.

All voices and texts in English!
Realistic characters in detailed decors
Numerous enigmas to solve
Bewitching cinematics creating an eerie and chilling atmosphere
An adventure faithful to Bram Stoker’s world
An excellent soundtrack that enhances the menacing ambiance
Required Android O/S : 2.3+
Screenshots :

Elemental Knights Online RED v3.1.0 APK

A real-time, full 3D MMORPG that you can play with anyone in the world !ELEMENTAL KNIGHTS ONLINE is a real-time, full 3D MMORPG that you can play with anyone in the world! Join your friends on a grand adventure through mysterious lands with eccentric locals… Features:

Monk, thief, bishop, wizard, magiknight, and more job-classes
Thousands of items, a trillion combinations, and cosplay gear such as Neko Ears
Hundreds of NPCs and over 100 quests
Party creation with up to four people
Free chat, emoticons, and gestures let you communicate in fun and meaningful ways
Play in English or Japanese
Grassy plains, forests, deserts, underground canals, haunted castles, and more.
MADE IN AKIHABARAThe World’s Destiny

Spirits, creatures, and humans have been blessed with technology and magic as a means of living thanks to ELEMENTAL: the power that dwells inside all of nature and the resting place of the gods. 300 years ago, lust for this power drove the citizens of this world into a Great War with one another. But four heroes stood up in the name of peace and restored harmony the land… But recently the monsters and spirits have grown violent. The Dragons awaken from a three century slumber. A wave of tragic incidents ensues… Each country sends out their knights and adventurers to investigate the bizarre happenings. What is the meaning of all this? Now you must take up your arms and armor. On your journey you shall encounter beautiful witches, humble townspeople, discouraged knights, breathtaking sights, and wicked adversaries. Let nothing prevent you from solving the mystery behind the recent chaos! Our world is in peril. What’s in this version: (Updated : Sep 11, 2013)
v3.0.15 Update Note
Bug Fixed
Remove crush issues happened in Map changes
Remove other bugs related with Party, Friend Guild Information, and Friend List
Remove bugs being unable to call friends during Dark King event
Remove bugs being unable to use a part of skills learned in Bandit Rock

Required Android O/S : 2.2+ 
Screenshots :