Opera Mini Web Browser v7.5.3 Apk

Opera Mini web browser for Android
Opera Mini Web Browser v7.5.3 Apk Try the world’s fastest Android browser!
Updated: 24 April 2013
Current Version 7.5.3
Requires Android 1.5 and up
Category: Communication
  • FAST: Opera’s speed and efficient controls put it ahead of all other browsers.
  • EASY: Surf the web on your mobile as easily as on a desktop computer.
  • SAVE MONEY: Reduce data costs by up to 90% with our unique compression technology.
  • Speed Dial shows you all of your favorite websites at a glance. Pull them up with one tap!
  • Smart Page is your own personal window on the web. It gives you instant updates from your social networks, along with the latest news, entertainment, and sports.
  • Tabs let you keep multiple pages open and switch between them.
  • Reading online is better with page sizes, address bars and toolbars that adjust automatically.
And it’s completely free to install and use.

Whats new in Opera Mini Web Browser Apk 7.5.3

  • This latest version of Opera Mini contains a variety of bug fixes, along with stability and performance improvements.
Opera Mini web browser for Android Opera Mini web browser for Android

Bad Roads 1.2

Bad Roads 1.2bad-roads-1-2

04.24.2013, ANDROID GAMES

Current Version: 1.2
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
1.2 version:
- Flying ducks.
App Info:
Many thanks to XDA-Developers for their great support !!!
Test your driving skill and anticipation in “Bad Roads”, a simple, fun and
highly addictive game.
Meet Ted and embark with him in his truck to help him transport cages
of ducks. The trouble is that the roads ahead are very, very bad. Also,
you need to arm yourself with patience, dexterity and luck to safely
climb hills, descend on steep slopes and overcome all the obstacles you
encounter on your way.
The goal? Go as far as possible with your shipment. But beware, if you
end up dropping all of Ted’s cages, you will only have to return to the
starting point in an attempt to set a new record.
In a very graphic landscape and accompanied with perfect “Countryside
Music”, Bad Roads is a game that will delight all players looking for a
casual, fun and original game.
In addition, it is free, so do not hesitate!
-An innovative game;
-A varied and unlimited course;
-Original graphics;
-A relaxing and bucolic soundtrack;
-Designed for optimal use on all screens, including tablets.
Also, why not try my other games available on the Play Store: Doodle
Moon and Mr. Eyes are waiting for you!
Thanks for your support :)
Made with Andengine.

File Explorer root es samba 3.6

File Explorer root es samba 3.6file-explorer-root-es-samba-3-6

04.24.2013, ANDROID APPS

Current Version: 3.6
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
3.6 version:
ChangeLog for V3.6:
* Improved the left-right sliding animation and make it more smooth
* Suppor two different sliding animation
* Support Waterflow view on picture browsing
* Fixed picture-browse lagging problem
* Removed the tutorial UI
* Add in Audio/Music play support via samba
* Enhanced the list sliding view function
App Info:
An simple app to manage your files.
★ Support file categories view
★ Two view mode. 1st List view, 2nd Grid view
★ Bat operation is supported
★ Completely new Paste board support, this is a new way to copy or move file
★ Either internal sdcard or external sdcard are supported even OTG
★ FTP support
★ Root explorer support
★ Samba server support
★ Samba client support

WWF Rhino Raid 1.0.1

WWF Rhino Raid 1.0.1wwf-rhino-raid-1-0-1

04.24.2013, ANDROID GAMES

Current Version: 1.0.1
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
1.0.1 version:
No recent changes.
App Info:
By buying this game, you will be helping WWF to save South Africa’s rhinos through the organisation’s numerous rhino conservation projects.
It’s about the most Rad-ical rhino to run across your screen – ever!
And he’s on a mission for good – to save the rhinos of Southern Africa. Brought to you by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) South Africa. Play now and save the rhinos.
Rad keeps up a running charge against poachers and their arsenal of weapons. With the help of his trusted ally, Horn Bill, Rad has to dodge the flying hand grenades and automatic rifle fire; jump over exploding barrels… then thump the poachers as you chase after their getaway trucks and get one charge closer to Mr Big, kingpin behind the international rhino poaching syndicates.
Rad’s adventure across the African savannah is punctuated by WWF’s key insights into facts about rhinos and the truth behind the rhino poaching scourge. Rhino Raid aims to create awareness of WWF’s rhino conservation projects in South Africa. It’s fun, it’s for good …and it’s RAD!
- Educational content
- 9 Levels + 3 Boss battles
- 3 Comic strips
- Easy to learn one-touch gameplay
- Jump to catch Horn Bill for a power-up
- Share on Facebook and Twitter
- WWF link to rhino information and donation
Rhino Raid is a registered trademark of Flint Sky Interactive (Pty) Ltd
© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.
© 1986 Panda Symbol WWF – World Wide Fund For Nature (Formerly World Wildlife Fund)
® “WWF” is a WWF Registered Trademark

Battle Cats 1.4.2

Battle Cats 1.4.2battle-cats-1-4-2

04.24.2013, ANDROID GAMES

Current Version: 1.4.2
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
1.4.2 version:
Fixed bugs.
*Please press “back” key in the title menu and finish the app before updating the app.
App Info:
Adorable kitties go wild all over the world!Here’s your chance to raise and play with them for free!
Note:Battle Cats is completely free to play, but some items can also be purchased for real money!
****Easy&fun battle system****
Tap any cat you like.
Fire Cat Cannon to support them.
Attack enemy’s castle.
****Easy&fun raising system****
Clear stages to get XP.
Tap cat to upgrade the level!
Their form will be changed at level 10.
****Fun things in Battle Cats****
Find treasures all over the world.
Gross,but somehow lovely characters.
Special cats are even cuter!
Easy system and recommended for men and women of all ages!Start your wonderful adventure today!
Presented by PONOS

My Device Storage Analyzer 1.2

My Device Storage Analyzer 1.2my-device-storage-analyzer-1-2

04.24.2013, ANDROID APPS
Category: Tools
Current Version: 1.2
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
1.2 version:
1.0.7 > Improoved stability. Now you can rate app from My Drives application.
1.0.6 > The radial pie chart has becomes interactive. Now it sectors are clickable.
1.0.5 > The radial pie chart was added to show current disk usage, like in Disk Radar, Filelight, Disk Usage Analyzer. Oranges are Folders, other sectors are files and file groups.
Some Bug fix and optimization
Grouping mode by size was extended.
App info:
My Device Storage Analyser displays information on sdcard, usb devices, external and internal storage in a simple and clear graphical form (infographics). ITS FREE, NO ADS, NO VIRUSES.
★ “Finds lost cache files. It helps me to free up disk space by quickly finding and deleting big files.”
★ “This application is an essential addition to any file browser. it is very simple and convenient tool to search for files by size.”
Why does my device should be impersonal? What is inside? How data are intertwined, and how are they related? I do not want to consider about my device as just a set of data. I want to see its inner essence and soul.
Folders and Files are represented as a Sunburst chart and sorted by their size.
–°entral chart sector is a current directory. Its represented by a circle. The rest of the sector is the subfolders and files. Click on the sector and we go deeper. Application draws nested levels with a head of previously selected sector.
My Device Storage Analyser displays mount points as a pie chart with a free and available space and the distribution of files by category (documents, images, videos, music, etc.) and extensions (for example, the distribution of the Music has subcategory mp3, wma, ogg, etc.)
Data on available storages taken from mount points of the vold.fstab file.
All contents of the device is indexed at run. Full drive search can be done in a second. Founded files are displayed on the Quick Search page after entering a search query.
Global Top Ten largest files mode is available.
User-friendly interface allows you quickly switch between modes and pages. Like Google Play application My Device Storage Analyser uses view pager.
You have the following pages in the application:
● File categories. All files in internal and external storage,SD card or USB device are presented in a structured way:
By category (documents, videos, music, etc.)
By file size (large, large, medium, etc.).
● My Storages page displays the summary statistics for available storage.
● Drives Usage Sunburst is an Intuitive and effective way to display the data on the device. Simply drill-in and you will discover inner data universe.
● Top 10 Files page shows you where all the free space on the device has disappeared
● Quick Search page shows the result of search or a content of a chosen category.
Clicking on the file shows context menu with a open or delete the document, discover its properties.
Long click on the category or extension will put contained files to the Quick Search page.
# The application is OPTIMIZED for phones (2.3.6) and tablets (3.0 and above).
# Application is still in development, so there may be unexpected force closes. Better FEEDBACK than low rating. Thank you!
Keywords: disk usage, SD card, internal storage, external storage, app2SD, manager, explorer, free space, device info, infographics, visualization, baobab

GT Launcher Prime Free 2.0.4

GT Launcher Prime Free 2.0.4gt-launcher-prime-free-2-0-4

04.24.2013, ANDROID APPS
Category: Personalization
Current Version: 2.0.4
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
2.0.4 version:
GT Launcher prime 2.0.4 update:
1.Optimized memory to about 20M.
2.Newly added themes compatible with all go / adw / apex / nova theme.
3. Newly added battery saving widget.
4. Optimized weather clock widget.
5. Newly added quick open module.
6. New default gesture set.
7. Newly added GT behavior.
8. Newly added drawer folder.
9. Newly added groups in drawer.
10. Newly added cube effects.
11. Fixed bugs and translation error of last version.
App Info:
GT Launcher Prime is a fast, stable, highly customizable home replacement application which helps you create a fascinating customized home screen experience on your Android device. Get it now!
★ ★ ★ More than 100 personalized settings!
★ ★ ★ Faster and smoother than Nova and Apex!
★ ★ ★ All of the advanced features are FREE!
▶ Free Unread Mail Counts, never miss out your unread emails.
▶ Gestures, quick start actions and apps or widgets.
▶ Unlimited Custom Groups in drawer, keep apps in order
▶ Customized widgets for weather, quick check today’s weather
▶ Clock and task manager, better manage your settings
1, Complete customization: more than 100 Personalized settings!
2, Completely FREE! (other launchers may cost you $4-5)
3, Unread message count: SMS, telephone, mail (Nova and Apex need payment)
4, 9 kinds of complex gestures: combination of single finger, double fingers, sliding, rotation, etc
5, The drawer groups: organize apps into tabs and folders in the app drawer
6, Customized handy clock weather (global) and one-click memory cleaner widgets
7, More fast and smooth than Nova and Apex, Holo launcher
8, The interface is simple, light, which has more personality
9, Fresh and fabulous themes and wallpapers for you to choose
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact gt.launcher.dev@gmail.com
Tips: Next update will be at about 29th Apr.

Strava Cycling 3.3.3

Strava Cycling 3.3.3strava-cycling-3-3-3

04.24.2013, ANDROID APPS
Category: Health & Fitness
Current Version: 3.3.3
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
3.3.3 version:
version 3.3.3:
• Fixed issue where application hangs during startup or saving recorded rides.
* Fixed recording issue for Galaxy S3 Mini.
App Info:
Record all your rides, analyze your performance and see how you stack up against friends and locals. Set new personal records and beat your friends’ times!
“The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Fitness”
-Fast Company
• See distance, speed, elevation gained and calories burned
• View the map of your ride as you record
• Collect heart rate data from Zephyr HxM Bluetooth sensors
• FREE unlimited ride uploads
• See all of your recent rides and get accumulated stats
• Set personal records and earn achievements for outstanding performances
• Earn King and Queen of the Mountain honors on specific sections of road or trail
• Ride the same segments as your friends, beat their time, and climb the leaderboards
• Compare your performance against locals and pros
• Follow your friends and clubs and see their latest rides
• Give comments and kudos and help motivate your friends
• Get notifications when you receive kudos, comments, and new followers
• Explore the most popular segments anywhere you go
• Filtered Leaderboards – See how you compare against athletes in your own age & weight class
• Power Zone Analysis – Monitor your power output and focus on your watts
• Heart Rate Analysis- Dial in to your fitness zones to get the most out of your training
• Suffer Score – Quantify your suffering & determine exactly how hard you’re working
• Advanced Segment Effort Comparison – Compare your efforts with those of others and see how you’re tackling the same climbs or tricky sections of road or trail over time
• See even more ride analysis
• Join Challenges for your chance to test yourself, plus win fantastic gear and prizes
• Join clubs and create new ones in your area
• Access additional features for Strava Premium members
“Besting personal milestones are one thing; crushing your buddy’s best time up a local climb with data to prove it, is something else entirely.”
- Velo News
“Capture the fastest time on a climb and Strava will crown you king or queen of the mountain.”
- Bicycling Magazine
“…an ingeniously conceived app…”
- Men’s Journal
“…Strava’s app lets you get competitive any time you want.”
- Triathlete Magazine
“Editors’ Choice…the Strava app sees no equal…”
- Road Bike Action Magazine
Strava depends on GPS for recording activities. In some devices, the GPS does not work properly and Strava will not record effectively. If your Strava recordings show poor location estimation behavior, please try to update the operating system to the most recent version. We recommend running Android version 2.3.3 or above. Furthermore, there are some devices which have consistently poor performance with no known remedies. On these devices we restrict installation of Strava, for example Nexus One and HTC Hero. See our support site for more information: http://support.strava.com/kb/alerts-and-known-issues/does-strava-2x-run-on-my-android-device

Grumpy Bears 1.0.9

Grumpy Bears 1.0.9grumpy-bears-1-0-9

04.24.2013, ANDROID GAMES
Category: Casual
Current Version: 1.0.9
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
1.0.9 version:
Flame bales now properly register towards flame bale missions.
TNT blast radius improved.
App Info:
There be some grumpy teddy bears in the woods, and they be wantin’ your honey!
Now you must defend your barrels of honey at all cost. Luckily you have a wide variety of weapons and defense systems to do just that. Being a honey delivery truck has never been so dangerous and SO FUN!
Fight off the teddy bears and put up your best defenses to keep those grumpy teddies at bay.
Huge, family fun with tons of fur and explosions.
Things you can throw at them grumpy teddy bears include:
Sticks o’ Dynamite
Skully McGee’s UberBombs
Bear Seeking Grenades
Dad’s Pile o’ Wrenches
Trusty Hay Bales
Molotov Cocktails
Your Pet Rock (not recommended)
Also be sure to check out these crazy tools of destruction:
The Electric Fence
The Nuke
The Hammer of Thunder
The Flaming Hay Bale
Teddy Bears you can unlock include:
and many, many more!!
Good luck and have fun!