JellyBlack AOKP/CM Theme v4.6.3 APK

Cover art

A dark CM/AOKP Theme for the Tmobile theme chooser by TUN_SDplease try the free version first.
if you like it, choose this one. I really appreciate that. ;)
If you find any bugs please write me to my email address
I try to fix asap. ;-)

Gmail isn´t full themeable via ThemeChooser, so there are some small bugs. :D
I have been working on this theme for over a year now, and now it´s time for a release.
(This is the reason for version 3.5 as an initial release.)
More than 40 apps are themed, including mostly images/colors.
This theme is based on the Tmobile theme engine, so in order to use this theme your device must be rooted and have the Tmobile theme engine, which is included in most custom ROMs. ;-)

Fixed a Battery problem (thanks to pascal.buehler for reporting)
xxhdpi fixes,
mms fixes

Screenshots :