System Monitor v1.1.21 Apk

System Monitor for Android
System Monitor v1.1.21 Apk – The most beautiful and versatile System Monitor for Android!
Updated: May 4, 2013
Current Version 1.1.21
Requires Android 2.2 and up
Category: Tools
System Monitor provides real time system load statistics and important information in the form of text and fancy graphs. It is a bundle of 6 in 1 where you are able to monitor CPU, RAM, I/O, Network, Apps and your Battery so you are actually paying for 6 applications together in a single one!
Comparing to the Lite version this application unlocks monitoring in the forms of:
  • Notification bar
  • Floating apps
  • Widgets
  • DashClock lockscreen widget extensions
  • Saving and scheduling of background monitoring sessions
Grasp the full power of customization and configure features, such as:
  • The algorithm you prefer the most for calculating the remaining battery time;
  • The update interval of real time monitoring, in order to spare system resources;
  • Monitor total CPU usage or individual CPU cores (if your device has more than 1 CPU core).
  • Expanded notifications only works on Jelly Bean+ due to API limitations.
Permissions explained:
  • DRAW OVER OTHER APPS: This permission is needed in order to display the floating app option.
  • RUN AT STARTUP: This permission is need in case that you want your notifications to start on boot.

Whats new in System Monitor 1.1.21 Apk

  • Fixed:Another small fix for the battery prediction
  • Fixed:Battery prediction errors on some devices.
  • Updated Language files
System Monitor for Android System Monitor for Android